HSD MONOPRO coilovers for BMW E36 + rear TRUE COILOVERS

HSD MONOPRO coilovers for BMW E36 + rear TRUE COILOVERS

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HSD MonoPro is the flagship of HSD, incorporating all the great features of the DUALTECH model and undoubtedly enhancing them because of more sophisticated monotube shock absorbers and an overall improve in power and performance. This embodiment conceals a rear spring coupled to the shock absorber as it is usual on the front shock absorbers. It omits the spring mounted on the arm for better cushioning. The overall wider setting options of suspension and spring are a good solution for all racing applications. This enhancement also makes possible to use an adjustable arm for better driving performance. Reinforcement of the location of the shock absorber is highly recommended to improve its performance of this variant - TRUE COILOVERS.

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Producer: HSD

MONOPRO system technology
- 16-degree damping adjustment in precise steps
- MONOTUBE = design with one shock absorber tube
- High pressure gas technology
- Fully synthetic racing cartridge
- Aluminum top bearing and high quality bearings
- Various spring hardness options
- Wide range of vehicle height adjustment, from sports to super low altitude.

Spring types for MonoPro
- Recommended springs (spring values ​​7kg / 7kg) - balanced stiffness for all applications
- Harder springs (spring values ​​10kg / 9kg) - suitable for racing use (DRIFT, TRACK, RALLY etc.) Or for vehicle stands