Shortshift BMW V1 E30/E36/E46

Shortshift BMW V1 E30/E36/E46

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Shorshift´s task is to significantly shorten the shifting time and ensure its accuracy. It leads to increased integration with the vehicle and thus control of its behavior. For designing this short shift, all the needs of the driver and the vehicle were considered to achieve the best possible results in motorsport.

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78 €

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Producer: Swagier

- steel (in black komaxite)
- machined on CNC
- high-quality bearing support

Height from base 33 cm
The height of the base itself is 8 cm
The height of the lever itself is 25 cm
Long shifting distances - Super short

We recommend installing with a polyurethane gearbox mount ideally in a combination of engine and gearbox (min75 sha).

In case you can't choose, maybe this summary will help you: Types, types and uses of "short shifters" ALL4DRIFT

Typ vozidla: E36, E30, E46
Značka vozu:: BMW

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