HSD DUALTECH coilovers for BMW E46

HSD DUALTECH coilovers for BMW E46

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DUALTECH shock absorbers and springs are designed for enthusiasts looking for fantastic adaptability and HSD chassis quality without the need to go to the extremes of MonoPro chassis.

745 € incl. VAT

616 €

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Delivery date: 7.10.2020

Producer: HSD

DUALTECH technology
- 14-degree damping adjustment in precise steps
- Twintube = design with two shock absorber tubes
- Low pressure technology
- Fully synthetic racing cartridge
- Aluminum top bearing and high quality bearings
- Various spring hardness options
- Wide range of vehicle height adjustment, from sports to super low altitude.

Spring types for DUALTECH
- Recommended springs (spring values ​​7kg / 8kg) - balanced stiffness for all applications
- Harder springs (spring values ​​10kg / 10kg) - suitable for light racing use and stances
- softer springs (spring values ​​6kg / 8kg) - setting for comfortable enjoyment

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