Front adjustable camber plates BMW E30 / E34 / E32 / E24 / E28

Front  adjustable camber plates BMW E30 / E34 / E32 / E24 / E28

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The set contains two pieces for E36, E38 and E90. This kit has been specially designed to be installed in a car to adjust the angle of the front wheels. This allows you to adjust the camber to suit your needs. This setting is useful in various areas of motorsport, such as DRIFT, uphill racing, circuit riding, sprints, etc. Adjustment of the front wheel angle offers the most optimum driving characteristics for your vehicle.

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75 €

Availability: Na dotaz

Producer: Swagier custom

The board is made of structural steel with a thickness of 8 mm, quality: S355
- cut on CNC machines
- gold galvanized

Bearing housing:
- machined on CNC machines
- TIG welded
- made of structural carbon steel of higher quality
- additionally galvanized

- High quality maintenance-free bearing
- high weight endurance
- stainless steel
- 2 housing types in sizes M12 and M14 (depending on the suspension type)

Assembly screws M8 fine thread, galvanized