OBP Aluminium Fuel Tank + JIC fitting AN10

OBP Aluminium Fuel Tank + JIC fitting AN10

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Universal fuel tank for race cars made by OBP. The tank is made with built in baffles to help prevent fuel surge. Plastic gauge used as a fuel gauge.

183 € incl. VAT

151 €

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Producer: OBP

Inlet: AN10
Outlet: AN10

Capacity: 7,5 l(2 galony)
Height: 300mm
Width: 180mm
Length: 200mm

Capacity: 11,3 l (3 galony)
Height: 200mm
Width: 200mm
Length: 340mm

Capacity: 22 l (6 galony)
Height: 150mm
Width: 300mm
Length: 600mm

Capacity: 30,2 l (8 galony)
Height: 250mm
Width: 300mm
Length: 480mm

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