Arms for conversion of BMW E30 king pin to 5 × 120 E36

Arms for conversion of BMW E30 king pin to 5 × 120 E36

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This set of arms allows conversion from standard steering pins to pins from the BMW E36 5x120. The arms are welded at a suitable angle that allows the pivot pin to operate within the range specified by the manufacturer. Such a solution guarantees a long service life of moving parts (joints) and preserves the serial geometry of the vehicle. The arms are designed so that the wheel has a position in the middle of the wheel arch without the need to use acentric silent blocks / polyurethane inserts.

380 € incl. VAT

314 €

Availability: In 3 days
Date of availability: Thursday 25.7.2024


- cut from structural steel by a precise CNC laser
- powder coated (komaxit)

Typ vozidla: E30
Značka vozu: BMW
Typ: Ramená
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