MX-5 NA/NB double hoop roll bar

MX-5 NA/NB double hoop roll bar

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A safety device that protects occupants if the vehicle overturns. A must have in any track used Miata.

796 € incl. VAT

658 €

Availability: In 3 days
Date of availability: Thursday 27.6.2024


The most stock-looking MX-5 NA/NB roll bar in our offer. For maximum safety it's made of FIA appendix J approved E355 seamless tubes.

Main benefits:

Increases protection of occupants during the rollover
Increases the rigidity of the chassis

Roof can be easily reached when seated in the car

Key Features:

Compatible with Cybul harness bar (tube, to which shoulder part of a racing harness can be mounted)
Compatible with soft top roof with glass and plastic window
Compatible with hardtop roof
100% bolt-on product
Beautifly hand welded

In the package you get:

Roll bar
Installation gussets
Set of bolts and nuts
Printed installation manual
Installation of hardtop requires a modification of side clips. Trimming of plastic covers is required

Značka vozidla:: MAZDA

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