Oil cooler for power steering, gearbox - 8 lines

Oil cooler for power steering, gearbox - 8 lines

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The oil cooler has high-quality workmanship, an exceptionally strong body and an effective oil cooling system, which allows you to reduce the temperature of the servo steering and thus keep the components in the best possible condition. Optimum temperature is necessary for the life of the oil and components, and even a short time outside these values can permanently damage the servo motor. In the case of performance vehicles or sports use of your vehicle, this component is an indispensable part that will protect your engine and guarantee ideal oil cooling conditions for any type of motorsport.

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The oil cooler ensures driving safety for your car.

It can be used to cool the servo, gearbox, engine, differential.

An indispensable element in drifting, rallying and other motor sports.

Made of durable T-6061 aluminum and anodized.

The set includes:

mounting bracket


height: 130 mm
width: 315 mm
thickness: 23 mm
Connection diameter: 10mm

Počet řádků: 8 řádků
Druh: Olejový chladič, Servo chladič
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