Lock Kit to increase the steering (steering angle) BMW E46 - ODESA

Lock Kit  to increase the steering (steering angle) BMW E46 - ODESA

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This riding set allows a maximum turning angle of up to 68 degrees, an ideal solution for every STREET performance rider. The set also includes stabilizers for a comfortable and safe ride. The longevity of the Lock kit is ensured by the highest quality components - structural steel, top-quality TIG welds. The geometry of the set is ideal for DRIFT and ensures simple and precise control of the vehicle during drifting. Pin holders and steering rod ends are welded at the correct angle, which guarantees a long life of moving parts.

503 € incl. VAT

416 €

Availability: In stock

Producer: ODESA

- angle 68 °
- construction steel
- TIG welded 

The set includes:
- arms 415 mm (+55 mm)
- adapter + roll center
- shoulder pins
- rear silenblock arm (optional)
- fasteners
- stabilizer bones

All spare parts for the lockkit are sold separately.

Typ vozidla: E46
Značka vozu: BMW
Typ: Ramená

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