Drift adapter LEXUS IS200 / IS300

Drift adapter LEXUS IS200 / IS300

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The lock adapter ensures an increase in the turning angle, the so-called raid of the front wheels, which allows you to drive at a more effective and larger angle when drifting. Helps with drifting and prevents overturning. The adapter also extends the arm and thus allows the resulting angle to be used without unwanted collisions between the wheel and other elements of the car.

136 € incl. VAT

112 €

Availability: In 1 week
Date of availability: Wednesday 3.7.2024

Producer: CNC71

The adapters are made from high-quality, hardest aluminum according to European standards and are milled on CNC machines, which ensures a precise connection of the steering pin with the adapter and the arm.

-25%+ increase in traffic
-High quality finish
-100% adjustment of steering pin adapter and arm pins
-Made of high quality aluminum
-Milling on CNC machines
-Wheel spacing +2 cm


-During assembly, the steering rod and the end of the rod must be shortened by 1 centimeter.

The set includes:

Adapter for LEFT joint - 1 piece
Right joint adapter - 1 piece
Fixing screws - 4 pieces
Installation instructions


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Typ vozidla: OSTATNÍ
Značka vozu: LEXUS
Typ: Adaptér
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