Lock kit BMW E36 - basic KIT

Lock kit BMW E36 - basic KIT

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The lock kit for increasing the turning angle of the BMW E36 offers extreme turning of the front wheels, which helps with more precise steering, stability and to achieve greater angles when drifting.

567 € incl. VAT

469 €

Availability: In 1 week
Date of availability: Wednesday 3.7.2024

Producer: CNC71

The adapter for this raiding solution is made of the hardest aluminum and is milled on CNC machines. The structural steel arm is laser cut and has precision machined pin holes.

The 38cm wide arm (+4cm) and the 2cm adapters allow the wheel to be moved outwards, which means a total of 6cm widened to the side. This can be useful for improving the handling of the car. Lock kits allow you to achieve 62 degrees of wheel alignment.

To install the adapters, it is necessary to move the upper support of the shock absorber outwards. This can be done with a diverter, relocator or E36 M3 storage.

The new swingarm design (without independent modification) does not allow for the installation of a stabilizer bar.

The set includes:

Front wishbone LEFT
Front wishbone RIGHT
Adapter LEFT
Adapter RIGHT
Mounting screws


Typ vozidla: E36
Značka vozu: BMW
Typ: Ramená, Adaptér
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