SET of oil filter caps for BMW + cooler + AN10 hose

SET of oil filter caps for BMW + cooler + AN10 hose

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This kit contains all the components needed to install an efficient oil cooling system on your BMW. Thanks to it, your engine will be protected from overheating and will maintain an optimal operating temperature even in the demanding conditions of motorsport and drifting.

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213 €

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Producer: PMC

The set includes:

Replacement cover with the option of installing oil pressure and temperature sensors: This cover replaces the original oil filter cover and allows the installation of oil pressure and temperature sensors. Thanks to two NPT 1/8" outlets and two Dash 10 fittings, installation of the sensors and oil cooler is quick and easy. The lid also includes a 10x100 threaded insert, which is suitable for feeding oil to the turbo. The lid also includes blanking screws for unused ports.

- high-quality aluminum, CNC production
- AN10

Oil hoses with high resistance: These hoses are made of materials resistant to high pressure and temperatures. They are intended for operation in demanding conditions of motorsport and can withstand even the most difficult races. (Possibility of choosing the length of the hoses)

Material: Teflon
Braiding: stainless steel
Temperature: Max. 230 °C
Pressure: max. 60 BAR
Tip thread: 2xAN10

TurboWorks Performance Oil Cooler: Made from quality materials, this cooler has an exceptionally strong body and an efficient oil cooling system. It allows you to lower the oil temperature and thus keep the engine components in optimal condition. (Option to choose the size of the cooler)

- AN10


It lowers the oil temperature and protects the engine from overheating
Extends the life of oil and engine components
Improves engine performance and reliability
Allows you to monitor oil pressure and temperature
Simple installation


This set is compatible with various car models. Please check compatibility with your vehicle before purchasing.

BMW E36 (only M52)
BMW E38 (M52, 740d)
BMW E39 (M52, M54)
BMW E46 (M52, M54)
BMW E60, E61 (M54)
BMW E65, E66 (M54, 740d)
X3 E83 (2.5i, 3.0i)
X5 E53 (3.0i)
BMW Z3 (2.0i, 2.2i, 2.5i, 2.8i, 3.0i)
BMW Z4 E85 (2.2i, 2.5i, 3.0i)

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