Racing gloves Sabelt CHALLENGE TG-3

Racing gloves Sabelt CHALLENGE TG-3

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Sabelt CHALLENGE TG-3 racing gloves from the Italian manufacturer Sabelt will not leave any racer in trouble. Driving a vehicle with these gloves becomes easier, safer and more comfortable. A big plus is the Ultra modern design, which stands out in any competition.

121 € incl. VAT

100 €

Availability: In 1 week
Delivery date: Wednesday 5.6.2024

Producer: SABELT

- FIA 8856-2000
- high level of non-flammability
- Silicone-based palm ensures 100% secure grip
- reinforced inner palm with suede against wear
- soft knitted fabric and reinforced with special padding in the area of the joints
- simple design
- sizes 8 - 12
- various colors (black, red, blue)


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