PMC High Performance Ceramic Clutch Disc 240mm for BMW N54 M57N M57N2

 PMC High Performance Ceramic Clutch Disc 240mm for BMW N54 M57N M57N2

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PMC ceramic clutch disc guarantees better transfer of power from engine to drive train. Thanks to the use of special materials, the disc is more resistant to "burning" and slipping. This ensures that, despite the rough treatment that belongs to motorsport, the disc maintains its constant properties. The PMC clutch disc is suitable for BMW N54 335i 135i 535i M57N M57N2

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Producer: PMC

- outer diameter 240mm / 9,25"

- as a replacement for OEM BMW:
21 20 7 534 182
21 20 7 573 791
21 20 7 546 377
21 20 7 526 516
- suitable for BMW gearboxes:
BMW N54 ZF GS6-53BZ (S6-53) 335i 135i 535i
BMW M57N/M57N2 GS6-53DZ HGD E60 530D
BMW M57N/M57N2 GS6-53DZ HGU E90 330D
BMW M57N/M57N2 GS6-53DZ JGA E60 530D
BMW M57N/M57N2 GS6-53DZ HGK E90 330D

- suitable for these pressure plates:
3000 951 952
3000 950 759
Performance 88 308 200 1243

Typ vozidla: E36, E30, E46, SWAP, E8X, E9X
Značka vozu:: BMW
Motor: M54 , M57N, N57

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