Bearing to prevent shock absorber spring from skipping PMC

Bearing to prevent shock absorber spring from skipping PMC

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The bearing is used in combination with an upper bearing based on uniball bearings (cambers, caster bearings, m3 bearings). The bearing solves the problem of "jumping" of the spring when turning and increases the life of uniball bearings (rotational movement takes place on the axial bearing).

91 € incl. VAT

75 €

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Producer: ODESA

14mm hole for silencer (JOM, TAtechnix, MTS and so on)

- minimum inner diameter of the spring 61 mm. (61-85mm)
- maximum diameter of the damper thread 25mm
- made of duralumin 2017a
- high performance axial bearing

Typ vozidla: E36, OSTATNÍ, E9X, E9X M3
Značka vozu: BMW

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