Rear strut BMW F22 F23 F87 M2 - down

Rear strut BMW F22 F23 F87 M2 - down

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The rear strut bar for BMW brings a number of key benefits. It strengthens the rear part of the body, thereby increasing the torsional rigidity and leading to better cornering and stability of the car. It also reduces body roll, improving steering response and overall control of the car. Suitable for drift, rally, hillclimb, 1/4 mile and other motorsport disciplines. Use is also suitable for normal driving. ALL4DRIFT struts, unlike other similar products available, are made of solid steel, which brings the expected strength and functionality after reinforcement, and the strut does not become just a fashionable accessory in the trunk.

55 € incl. VAT

45 €

Availability: In stock

Producer: Swagier

The main profile of the strut is a steel flat oval measuring 40mm by 20mm, and the wall thickness is 3mm.

THE STRUT DOES NOT REQUIRE CUTTING OF UPHOLSTERY, it is mounted on the original holes in the body.



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Umístění: Spodní
Značka vozu: BMW
Typ vozu: FXX
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