PRO Lock Kit for increasing the steering angle (turning angle) of the BMW E8X/E9X

PRO Lock Kit for increasing the steering angle (turning angle) of the BMW E8X/E9X

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This Profi steering lock set will integrate your car to pro levels. It allows a maximum turning angle of up to 68 degrees, an ideal solution for every performance rider. The durability of the Lock kit is ensured by the highest quality components - structural steel, top-quality TIG welds and machining on the most precise CNC. Lock kit allows quick adjustment of ackerman and other geometry adjustments without the need to disassemble components. The kit sits on the original chassis mount and complies with regulations for all drifting series.

1701 € incl. VAT

1406 €

1890 € incl. VAT Discount 189 €

Availability: In 3 days
Delivery date: Thursday 30.5.2024

Producer: CNC71

Geometry setting options:
- quick adjustment of Ackerman from positive to negative using special washers
- easily adjustable reduction of rotation by means of an eccentric sleeve
- wheel camber: -5.5 degrees
- toe-in: 6.5 degrees

- angle 68 °
- structural steel and aluminum
- TIG welded - om
- the elements of the set are protected by powder coating and galvanizing

The set includes:
- lower shoulders
- steering wheel
- control pins with all necessary hardware and
- installation instructions

- for 17" to 19" discs (minimum rim diameter 400 mm)

All spare parts for the lockkit are sold separately.

Typ vozidla: E9X, E8X
Značka vozu: BMW
Typ: Ramená

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