NISSAN 350Z / INFINITI G35 hydraulic handbrake

NISSAN 350Z / INFINITI G35 hydraulic handbrake

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The NISSAN 350Z / INFINITI G35 hydraulic handbrake allows you to hide the entire installation under the standard elements of the center console and quickly and easily remove the lever. No modifications are required that would compromise the integrity of the bodywork or dashboard components. Thanks to the custom rubber cover of the shifter cover added to the kit, it is not necessary to get rid of this element, which will help to avoid noise from the console. It is also possible to choose a basic attachment - both for cars with left-hand drive (LHD) and for cars with right-hand drive (RHD).

219 € incl. VAT

181 €

Availability: In 3 days
Date of availability: Thursday 27.6.2024

Producer: CNC71

Choice of pump piston diameter:

0.625 - less force needed to lock the wheels, more lever travel, recommended for "small" Nissan calipers.

0.7 - more force needed to lock the wheels, less lever travel, much more direct action, recommended for "big" Brembo calipers or big traction wheels.

All elements of the set are painted with powder paint.

We add to the set:

- Prototype of the central tunnel cover made with 3D printing technology can be seen in the last picture.

- Center console cutout template (A/C module panel): align the template with the three button holes on the console, then push lightly from the center of the paper toward the gap and mark the centers of the holes. The suggested method is to drill two holes with the centers marked by the crosses on the template using a 22 drill / 22 step drill / 22 hole punch and then cut off the rest of the material along the lines of the diagram connecting the holes.

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