Axle spacer BMW TYP 188

Axle spacer BMW TYP 188

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Axle spacer with a thickness of 5 mm prevent increased stress on the semi-axle joints by placing their working point in the optimal position. If you have a problem with pivoting and your vehicle is significantly lowered and/or the rear wheels are set to negative camber, do a short test - unscrew the joints from the flanges in the differential, lower the car to the ground and see what distance is created between the half shaft and the flange. If it will be too large for the joints to work within the optimal range specified by the manufacturer, it is recommended to use a washer.

48 € incl. VAT

40 €

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Producer: CNC71

The product is made of steel and coated with a layer of zinc to protect against corrosion.

Price for 2 pieces.

Thickness: 5 mm

The use of one 5 mm thick spacer does not require the replacement of screws, it is possible to install with the original screws (in addition, the use of thread glue is recommended).

Typ vozidla: E36, E30, E46, SWAP
Značka vozu:: BMW
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