Racing shoes Sabelt HERO PRO TB-10

Racing shoes Sabelt HERO PRO TB-10

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Sabelt HERO PRO TB-10 are not ordinary shoes for motorsport, but they are an exceptional shoe that every racer can rely on in the most demanding situations. Comfortable design and anti-slip sole adjustment are a matter of course for Sabelt HERO PRO.

335 € incl. VAT

277 €

Availability: In 1 week
Date of availability: Tuesday 30.7.2024

Producer: SABELT

- FIA8856-2018
- made of thin kangaroo leather
- professional light shoes
- breathable material
- upper part of the shoe made of soft perforated leather
- new Sabelt sole designed to improve grip and facilitate pedal movements
- Made in Italy
- size 36- 48

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