BMW E36 XBRACE rear strut bar

BMW E36 XBRACE rear strut bar

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The rear xbrace with spreader bar for BMW brings a number of key benefits. It strengthens the rear part of the body, thereby increasing the torsional rigidity and leading to better cornering and stability of the car. Xbrace also reduces body roll, improving steering response and overall control of the car. Other benefits are the increased resistance of the body against torsion, which reduces the risk of damage in the event of an accident, and last but not least, increased passenger safety.

187 € incl. VAT

155 €

Availability: In stock

Producer: Swagier

- steel profile 40 mm x 20 mm

- CNC machined, MIG MAG welded

- black powder paint

- strengthening of the fixing points of the rectifier

- the set also includes the screws needed for assembly

It requires cutting out the mounting holes that we tried to show in the photos.

Značka vozu: BMW
Typ vozu: E36
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