Polyurethane silentblock rear stabilizer - BMW E36/E46 2 pcs

 Polyurethane silentblock rear stabilizer - BMW E36/E46 2 pcs

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Eliminate clearances, refines steering and increases response in corners. The car becomes more predictable and maneuverable. Different stiffnesses (as described below).

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25 €

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Producer: Deuter motorsport

on the attached illustrations 2
- 75 SHA, red - fine reinforcement of the vehicle, also suitable for daily riding
- 85 SHA, yellow - very noticeable reinforcement, the car behaves more predictable
- 90 SHA, yellow - silenblock hardness for racing cars, not suitable for daily use

- OEM 33 55 1 138 104
- OEM 33 55 1 096 669
- OEM 33 55 1 131 155

Typ vozidla: E36, E46
Značka vozu: BMW
Značka vozu: BMW
Typ vozidla: E36, E46
Umístění: Zadní (back) náprava

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