Steel engine mounts / holders E36 E30 SWAP M50 M52 M54

Steel engine mounts / holders E36 E30 SWAP M50 M52 M54

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Holders for m50b20 m50b25 m52b20 m52b25 and m52b28 engines for BMW E36 and engine swap for BMW E30. Thanks to the extremely strong steel construction, the problem of serial holders, namely their cracking, has been eliminated.

136 € incl. VAT

112 €

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Producer: Swagier

- steel sheet S355 with a thickness of 5 mm,
- cut and bent on CNC machines
- powder coated

- For SWAP in the E30, do not forget to drill new holes for mounting the motor. It is a standard and very simple procedure.

Typ vozidla: E36, E30, E46, SWAP
Značka vozu:: BMW

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