2-way height and rigidly adjustable coilovers set BC Racing ER Series BMW E46

2-way height and rigidly adjustable coilovers set BC Racing ER Series BMW E46

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Premium BC Racing chassis with external magazine of the ER series with separate adjustment of compression and rebound damping. This extension allows the end user to individually adjust and adjust the amount of damping and preload. External ER series containers allow BC to increase the oil capacity in the damper. The additional oil capacity reduces the maximum oil temperatures, which reduces changes in damping ratios due to changes in oil viscosity. Reducing fluctuations in damping differences improves handling and achieves maximum performance on the road and track.

2288 € incl. VAT

1891 €

Availability: In 2 weeks
Date of availability: Tuesday 30.7.2024

Producer: BC Racing


The MA Series chassis kits come with a uniball front upper mount centered on the center of the shock absorber (deflection adjustable for Macpherson) and a uniball upper rear shock mount.

Choose a version and make a note.


Basic stiffness of front springs: 10kg / mm.
Basic stiffness of rear springs: 12kg / mm

Each shock absorber has the option of 30 stiffness settings, so the chassis can be tuned to the individual requirements of the rider. The RM series uses a MONOTUBE type silencer.

- front upper bearing: aluminum bearing (uniball)
- rear upper bearing: aluminum bearing (uniball)
- oil expansion vessel
- on models with MC phearson suspension, the possibility of setting the deflection.
- adjustment of the ground clearance by the lower nut on the damper body (changing the height does not compress the spring and change the trajectory of the damper movement).
- setting the spring preload using the upper nut.
- choice of different spring hardnesses.
- high-quality dusters protecting shock absorber seals.
- quality corrosion protection.


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