Detachable hydraulic parking brake with roller OBP

Detachable hydraulic parking brake with roller OBP

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Compact hydraulic handbrake complemented by an above-average quality hydraulic cylinder from the British workshop OBP. This hydraulic brake is specially equipped with a removable rod, which can perfectly hide it from unwanted views. Despite the removable construction, the hydraulic parking brake does not lose its strength and quality.

139 € incl. VAT

115 €

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Producer: Swagier

- quality hydraulic cylinder OBP
- size 0.625 (15.86 mm)
- input 3/8 "UNF
- output 7/16 "UNF
- steel cut by FIBER technology, machined on CNC

Overall dimensions:

- length 28 cm

- height 44 cm (height of the lever from the base 37 cm)

- width 5 cm

Base dimensions:

- length 7 cm (roller +10 cm)

- height 10 cm (height of the roller from the "floor" 9 cm)

- width 5 cm

Značka vozu:: UNIVERZÁLNE
Váleček: OBP
Typ: Odnimatelná

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