Chassis reinforcement kit BMW E36 - 12 PCS

Chassis reinforcement kit BMW E36 - 12 PCS

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Reinforcement of the rear axle for the E36 (sedan, coupe, touring) following the M3 axle mounting. It can prevent the rear axle from being pulled out of the vehicle body, or create a new bearing after the rear axel being pulled out or subsequent repair. With its precision, strength and exceptional workmanship, the professional set, which has no competition, surpasses any other set. This set contains all the elements that are necessary for proper repair and to ensure a long service life of the body repair and axle mounting on the BMW E36.

46 € incl. VAT

38 €

Availability: In stock

Producer: ALL4DRIFT

12 PCS
- steel (S355) (3mm)
- requires welding

Umístění: Spodní
Značka vozu: BMW
Typ vozu: E36

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