OBP VICTORY pedal box with cylinder mounting at the front

OBP VICTORY pedal box with cylinder mounting at the front

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OBP pedal boxes are the best in the field. Quality materials, extremely strong construction and thoughtful design that will suit every competitor in any kind of motorsport. The Victory model range is designed for anyone who wants to make the most of their driving skills. It is characterized by universal use and fair price. All OBP VICTORY pedal boxes are made in Great Britain.

455 € incl. VAT

376 €

Availability: In 1 week
Date of availability: Wednesday 3.7.2024

Producer: OBP

Key features of the OBP pedal box:
- mounting on the floor of the vehicle
- designed for hydraulic couplings
- accelerator pedal operated by cable

To unpack the complete pedalbox, we recommend buying:

hydraulic cylinder 0.625
hydraulic cylinder 0.7
hydraulic cylinder 0.75
cable for balancing and braking control (front and rear axle)
3x container for hydraulic fluid
3x armored hose for hydraulic fluid

- holder for containers

Features of OBP VICTORY:
- material: high-quality steel, powder-coated
- pedals have anti-slip treatment
- pedal ratio 5: 1
- weight 3.6 kg
- height 37.0 cm
- width 24.0 cm
- length 18.5 cm

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