Hydraulic parking brake with locking OBP Victory LONG

Hydraulic parking brake with locking OBP Victory LONG

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The hydraulic handbrakes from the Victory model range are made of lightweight steel with black powder coating, which creates an exceptionally high-quality product that will last a lifetime. The classic design, a long lever for an easily achievable effect and 3 reachable lever positions are the ideal solution for every drift and racer.

198 € incl. VAT

164 €

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Producer: OBP

- very strong and light construction (lightweight steel)
- rubber handle Super Grip
- strong locking pin and simple efficient locking system
- 8-point locking mechanism
- vertical, horizontal or 45 degree lever position (600 mm)
- surface treatment with black powder paint (komaxit)
- unibal bearing
- optional brake cylinder:

hydraulic cylinder 0.625
hydraulic cylinder 0.7
hydraulic cylinder 0.75


Overall dimensions:

- length 20 cm

- height 63 cm (lever height from base 61 cm)

- width 4.5 cm

Značka vozu:: UNIVERZÁLNE

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