MX-5 NC lower rear strut bar

MX-5 NC lower rear strut bar

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This strut bar ties up the entire rear of the car. It connects the bodyshell with the rear suspension. In addition, it ties up the left side of the car with the right one.

265 € incl. VAT

219 €

Availability: In 3 days
Date of availability: Wednesday 26.6.2024


Made of high-strength construction steel. Unlike aluminum strut bars, it's crack-proof even when pushed to the limit.

Combined with other strut bars from our offer, reduces the body twist significantly.

100% bolt-on product, no modifications to the car are required. The strut bar is close to the chassis to leave as much ground clearance as possible.

In the last picture, you can see how these strut bars look installed on the car with a full set of lower braces.

Powder coated to metallic graphite, weight – 5,45 kg.

Značka vozu: Mazda
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