MX-5 NC lower strut bars

MX-5 NC lower strut bars

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Ultimate chassis stiffening

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Delivery date: Thursday 30.5.2024


Product designed to stiffen up Miata chassis. It ties up both sides of the car in it's weakest point – under the tunnel. What's more, it connects the rear with the front adding rigidity.

It reduces the flex of the chassis by 28%. Complete set ties your Miatas back to its front. It reduces the stress to the bodyshell and improves the handling.

100% bolt-on product. There are no modifications to the car required. Braces are as close to the chassis as possible. Thanks to that the ground clearance does not change by much.

Made of light, high-strength steel. During the development of this product, we considered using alloy. The analysis showed the risk of cracking over time. This product will not break, flex, or crack.

the weight of the entire set 11,5kg.


Značka vozu: Mazda
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