Butterfly brace for Mazda MX-5 NA NB

Butterfly brace for Mazda MX-5 NA NB

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Product designed to stiffen up your Miata chassis. It ties up both sides of the car in it’s weakest point – under the tunnel.

331 € incl. VAT

274 €

Availability: In 3 days
Delivery date: Thursday 30.5.2024


Butterfly brace reduces chassis flex by over 20%. It's something you'll feel immediately. After installing steering response is quicker and the road feel is better.

It's an addition to our frame rails. It means that if you've purchased our FR, now you can extend them with butterfly brace.

Made of 2mm high stiffness inox steel. Laser cut, CNC bent. The product comes with a set of bolts and nuts.

It's bolted to already drilled holes that are holding frame rails.

Umístění: Spodní
Značka vozu: Mazda
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