Adapter for angle increasing E30/E36/E46

Adapter for angle increasing E30/E36/E46

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A simple solution for increasing the drive on your car. Lowering your car may cause intolerance in geometry, can gain poor driving characteristics and may require more adjustability than the original components allow. The main purpose of the kit is to correct these geometry issues. The steering adapter changes the vertical distance of the control arm pivot point by 30mm and corrects the roll and camber curve. The pivot point at the end of the tie rod has also changed by 30mm vertically, which corrects the steering curve. In addition, the pivot point is moved closer to the wishbone pivot point and the lever ratio is changed, giving you quick steering transfer and allowing for more steering angle.

462 € incl. VAT

382 €

Availability: In 1 week
Date of availability: Wednesday 31.7.2024

Producer: MRT

Fits BMW e30 / e36 / e36 m3 / z3 / z3m / e46 / e46 m3 / z4 / z4m models (except e30 m3 / e30 ix / e46 xi/xd models)

-30% faster steering ratio (about 1 less turn of the steering wheel).
- Greater steering angle.
- Verified in street, circuit, rally and drifting applications.
- Compatible with original steering pins.
- We recommend reducing the steering angle.
- The control arms shown in the picture are not included.

Does it fit in my car?
The set can be combined with most E30 / E36 / E46 arms, joints and steering pins. Check out the available variants:
Outer joint dimension:

- 32mm (E30 M3 "Dorman") threading tool included.
- 41 mm (E30 non-M, E36 M3).
- 48.5 mm (E36 non-M, E46 M-Sport, E46 aftermarket).
- 33mm (E46 M3, Z4M) threading tool included.

If you know how to replace the arm or outer joint, installing this kit is basically no more difficult. You will need a press to remove the old outer joint and install the new outer joint, no other special tools are needed. A readjustment of the front geometry will be required after installation.

Comes with instructions, mounting hardware and mrt engineering label.

We want our customers to be 100% satisfied, so we use only the best materials and manufacturing processes available. all parts are cnc machined: the aluminum parts are aircraft grade aw-7075 with a hard anodized finish (silver and black), the mounting studs are made from the highest quality crmo tool steel and the small spacers/adapters used on the kits are 316l stainless steel.

Typ vozidla: E36, E46, E30
Značka vozu: BMW
Typ: Adaptér

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