BMW M20/M30/S38 camshaft sensor adapter

BMW M20/M30/S38 camshaft sensor adapter

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This kit allows you to add a camshaft sensor to your M20/M30/S38 engine to create a fully functional ignition or fuel injection system. The adjustable trigger lever allows you to adjust the home signal to any point you want or your aftermarket ECU software requires. The trigger lever replaces the original distributors.

138 € incl. VAT

114 €

Availability: In 1 week
Delivery date: Wednesday 5.6.2024

Producer: MRT

- Aw-6082 aluminum housing with black anodized finish.
- 360 degree adjustable trigger lever.
- Compatible with all m50 / m52 / m54 camshaft sensors.

The sensor shown in the picture is not included.
Not compatible with original ecu or harness.

The kit can be used with most M20 / M30 / S38 engines originally equipped with Motronic engine management where the distributor is located on the timing cover. Kit may not directly fit camshaft pulleys or sprockets.

Installation of the kit does not require any special tools. Refer to your ECU dealer's manual for information on building a compatible harness and setting software and preferences.

If you need more information, please contact us!

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