OBP PRO RACE V2 pedal box with upper attachment - cylinder in front

OBP PRO RACE V2 pedal box with upper attachment - cylinder in front

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OBP pedal boxes are a leader in the field. Quality materials, extremely strong construction and thoughtful design that will suit every racer in any kind of motorsport. The PRO-RACE V2 range of pedal boxes is proving to be very popular with racing teams around the world. These pedal boxes are the main step to perfect control of the race car. Thanks to the box, drivers have a better feeling, greater dexterity and high control over the car. Last but not least, the PRO-RACE v2 series is light, flexible and ergonomically efficient thanks to its aluminum pedal design.

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374 €

Availability: 3 dni
Delivery date: 29.9.2021

Producer: OBP

Key features of the OBP pedal box:
- smooth rotation of the pedals is ensured by inserts that are impregnated with oil, which provides incredibly smooth movement with very little maintenance
- adjustable accelerator pedal resistance by spring
- balancer for perfect balancing of the braking effect between the front and rear axle
- height-adjustable pedals
- adjustable clutch pedal stop
- recommended installation with reinforcing plate of pedal boxes
- mounting with upper attachment
- designed for hydraulic couplings
- accelerator pedal operated by cable

To unpack the complete pedalbox, we recommend buying:

hydraulic cylinder 0.625
hydraulic cylinder 0.7
hydraulic cylinder 0.75
cable for balancing and braking control (front and rear axle)
3x container for hydraulic fluid
3x armored hose for hydraulic fluid

- holder for containers

Features of OBP VICTORY:
- material: high-quality lightweight steel, treated with powder paint
- pedal ratio 5: 1
- weight 2.8 kg
- height 28.0 cm
- width 26.0 cm
- length 14 cm (including cylinders 25 cm)