Adjustable short shifter (shortshifter) BMW E46 - mounting on the body

Adjustable short shifter (shortshifter) BMW E46 - mounting on the body

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The short shifter significantly shortens the shifting time and makes it more precise. Thanks to this, the driver is better integrated with the vehicle and has better control over its behavior. When designing the Shifter, we took into account the needs of racers who need quick and precise shifting. We have integrated these needs into Shifter, which has had a positive effect on shift speed.

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Producer: CNC71

The shifter is made of PA6 aluminum by CNC. Thanks to this, the structure is strong and has a beautiful smooth surface. The entire construction is protected against oxidation by cathophoresis painting.
The large shifter stroke is short and reliable. In any case, it can be adjusted using the lower link. P
The lever operates on a ball bearing and the rod is connected to the rest of the shifter via a bronze bushing.
Installation is very simple. You don't need any body modification.
Thanks to the use of aluminum, the Shifter weighs 1.5 kg.


Height from base 30 cm
The height of the base itself is 5 cm
Height of the lever itself: long -35 cm, short -30 cm
Long shifting paths - medium shifting

Typ vozidla: E46
Značka vozu:: BMW
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