IRP Light Lock Kit to increase the steering (steer angle) for BMW E36 V2

IRP Light Lock Kit to increase the steering (steer angle) for BMW E36 V2

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Unlock your car's hidden drift potential with the IRP Drift Kit! With this innovative kit, you will overcome the limits of normal driving and explore the exciting world of drifting. The IRP Drift Kit optimizes the geometry of the front axle for smooth drifting and eliminates unwanted understeer. The special design allows for extreme steering wheel angles and ensures maximum traction and control.

1381 € incl. VAT

1141 €

Availability: In 2 weeks
Date of availability: Tuesday 9.7.2024

Producer: IRP

Main features:

- 100mm widening on each side: Increases stability and traction for precision drifting.
- Strong and lightweight construction for maximum durability and optimal performance.
- Increasing the steering angle by up to 70°: Allows extreme turning of the wheels for breathtaking drifting maneuvers.
- Higher-quality bearings with a larger range ensure maximum grip and smooth movement of the wheels.
- More space for wheels: Compatible with larger wheels such as R18 245 and so on.

The set includes:

2 pcs of arms (CrMo)
2 pcs storage Lollipops
2 pcs of connecting rod ends
2 pcs of upper storage
2 pcs mushroom accessories

Including all necessary nuts, washers and screws.

Typ vozidla: E36, E30
Značka vozu: BMW
Typ: Ramená

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