Stainless tuned exhaust pipes BMW E36 320 323 325 328

Stainless tuned exhaust pipes BMW E36 320 323 325 328

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Modifying the exhaust pipe with stainless steel tuning pipes has a positive effect on engine performance. This is one way to reduce back pressure and improve engine performance. By reducing the back pressure, the exhaust gases will be able to leave the engine more easily, which will cause the cylinders to be flushed faster and improve their performance and overall performance.

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Complete set made of stainless steel (stainless steel) T304.

Type of leads 6-2.

Engine: M50 M52

Guaranteed performance increase of up to 10%

Output diameter (internal) - 42mm

Output flange dimensions - 51mm

The kit includes a set of gaskets.

- before installing the exhaust pipe, it is recommended to wrap it with thermal insulation tape. Thermal insulation tape will help reduce heat loss and extend the life of the exhaust pipe.


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