Extra low profile hydraulic jack - 2.5 T

Extra low profile hydraulic jack - 2.5 T

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We have chosen this low-profile jack for you from our range of tools, which has long been one of our daily aids, whether in the workshop, in the service, in the mountains or at competitions. We tested its functionality and durability and evaluated that it is the most ideal choice among low-profile steel jacks. The minimum height of 70 mm is also suitable for extra lowered cars and the maximum height of 505 mm is sufficient for any demanding work. The strong and fast jack, with its massive wide construction, did not disappoint us in any situation. Large wheels do not prevent them from moving in any terrain and handling is relatively convenient. The double piston speeds up and simplifies the work required for lifting.

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104 €

Availability: Skladem

Producer: REDATS

- manufacturer REDATS
- minimum height - 70 mm
- maximum height - 505 mm
- metal wheels with bearings
- swivel seat: 360 °
- complies with Directive 2006 /42 / EC
- weight - 32 kg
- handle length - 100 cm
- dimensions (length x width x height) 67 x 35 x 15 cm
- a maximum capacity of 2,5 tonnes