PROFI pneumatic impact wrench 1500NM REDATS P-160 1/2 "

PROFI pneumatic impact wrench 1500NM REDATS P-160 1/2 "

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New and even more beautiful design is not everything! The new model uses the latest technological solutions that increase the comfort of working with the wrench and its operation. Smooth and smooth operation from one source (3 adjustment levels for screwing and 1 level for unscrewing). A high standard of workmanship that can withstand demanding conditions in any car workshop. The exceptional output of 1500 Nm and only 2.2 kg with perfect balance will not disappoint even the most demanding customer.

82 € incl. VAT

68 €

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Producer: REDATS

The wrench works with a twin hammer mechanism. Thanks to this proven solution, the REDATS P-160 gives you excellent performance in all conditions - two "hammers" rotate around the spindle, resulting in the enormous power needed for comfortable work even when working demanding tasks.

Maximum torque: 1,500 Nm
Unscrewing / tightening the setting: 3-stage tightening, 1-stage loosening
Working pressure: 6.3 bar
Noise level: 80 dBA
Rotation speed: 8,000 rpm
Air consumption: medium 150 l / min
Input diameter: 1/4 "
Drawer mandrel: 1/2 "
Included accessories: 1/4 "plug for quick connection, Allen key
Compliance with Directive 2006 /42 / EC: Yes
Weight: 2.2 kg

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