Quick clutch, quick clamping LIFELINE hub - FIA

Quick clutch, quick clamping LIFELINE hub - FIA

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The hub is suitable for all common OMP / MOMO / Sparco / Sabelt / Raid steering wheels (screw pitch 6x70mm). This coupling is machined on high-quality CNC with above-standard precision, thus ensuring perfect rigidity and the coupling is without any play. To release, simply pull the galvanized release collar and pull the steering wheel immediately. FIA approval for vehicles of group N is a matter of course.

328 € incl. VAT

271 €

Availability: In 3 days
Delivery date: Thursday 30.5.2024

Producer: SABELT

- kompatibilný so 6 dierovými volanty od Sabelt, Sparco, OMP a Toorace atď.
- ľahká a pevná zliatina
- 50 mm

Značka vozu: UNIVERZÁLNÍ

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