Set front and rear BashBar BMW E36 + lifting point, m-packet

Set front and rear BashBar BMW E36 + lifting point, m-packet

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A set of front and rear bash bars, which are now an integral part of every race car. The front bash bar protects your radiators well from collisions, even if you drive without a front bumper. The rear bash bar is not only an accessory but also serves as a lifting point, which is irreplaceable for easy and quick wheel changes.

260 € incl. VAT

215 €

Availability: In stock

Producer: MMG Motorsport

- material steel, black powder glossy color

- The front Bash bar is only compatible with the M-packet bumper on all vehicle versions E36
- rear Bash bar with lifting point function is compatible with all bumpers E36

Typ vozidla: E36
Značka vozidla:: BMW
Umístění: Přední, Zadní

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