Exhaust muffler RM216

Exhaust muffler RM216

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Universal silencer based on aluminum construction. The muffler tips are made of high-quality polished acid-resistant steel.

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94 €

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Producer: RM-Motors

The silencer can be used in most cars, also in vehicles with a diesel engine. It perfectly accentuates the sound of the engine without disturbing the ride. Every single element of the product was manufactured using CNC technology.

Total length - 580 mm
Length of the shock absorber housing - 330 mm
Width/height of shock absorber housing - 210/120 mm
Length of spikes - 200 mm
Diameter of spikes - 2x76 mm
Inner tube diameter - 50 mm
Pipe inlet diameter - 50 mm, 63.5 mm, 2x50 mm

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