Lock kit for max steering angle BMW E36 - arms vs 3.0

Lock kit for max steering angle BMW E36 - arms vs 3.0

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Lock kit for enlarging steering angle helps to achieve more precise steering, stability, and greater drift angles.

320 € incl. VAT

264 €

Availability: In stock

Producer: ALL4DRIFT

Version 3 brings a significant improvement in all directions, such as strength, weight, perfect geometry and removing all the weaknesses of the previous versions.

- high-quality, durable front arms - width 390 mm - (standard shoulder width e36-340 mm / e46-360 mm)
- maximum angle of rotation - 65 °
- arms made of special materials, welded TIG

The basic price includes:
2x front arms
2x specially modified steering brick

For extra charge:
- possibility to fit the arms front and rear joints (price for 4pcs) +40 €
- possibility to fit the bearings (price for 2pcs) + 70 €
- possibility to deliver with extended steering pins (price for 2pcs) + 20 € e36 / + 20 € e46
- possibility of delivery with front wishbone bracket uniball, or polyurethan e36 / e46 super excentr.

Typ vozidla: E36, E30
Značka vozu: BMW
Typ: Ramená

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