PRO Hydraulic Handbrake No6 from IRP

PRO Hydraulic Handbrake No6 from IRP

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Robust galvanized steel construction and a lightweight CNC machined anodized aluminum lever ensure durability and ease of use - that's the NO6 from IRP. The proven Wilwood 0.625" hydraulic cylinder delivers strong and reliable braking performance. The brake is ideal for drifting, rallying and other motorsports, while being compatible with a wide range of vehicles. Invest in precise steering control and improve your driving skills!

266 € incl. VAT

220 €

Availability: In stock

Producer: IRP

- Galvanized steel frame resists corrosion and guarantees a long service life
- CNC machined anodized aluminum lever for maximum feel and durability
- Wilwood 0.625" hydraulic cylinder guarantees reliable and powerful braking performance


Overall dimensions:

- length 26 cm

- height 43 cm (height of the lever from the base 35 cm)

- width 5 cm

Base dimensions:

- length 16 cm (roller + 10 cm)

- height 8 cm (height of the roller from the "floor" 8 cm)

- width 5 cm

Značka vozu:: UNIVERZÁLNE
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